Do you see a decline in job satisfaction within your organization and an increase in absenteeism? Do you find it hard to find and retain people? Is it difficult for older employees to come along? Or does your organization lack vital leadership? Sustainable employability is the answer. And that's what we do: create vital organizations at every level. In order to increase involvement and productivity, prevent absenteeism and thus strengthen organizations permanently.

At Habilis Wellbeing at Work, we create environments where employees are mentally, physically and emotionally fit for the job. Where talents are fully utilized, and employees have a smile on their face. We don’t do that by dispensing rigid consultancy reports for you to read. Instead, we design customized and practical programs by using scientifically-based models and validated instruments of TNO Innovation for Life.

Sustainable employability

Getting started with sustainable employability? We help organizations develop employees who are mentally, physically and emotionally fit for the job.

Vitality management

Successfully embed vitality into the company’s DNA? We know just what it takes, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Absenteeism reduction

Reduce unplanned absences? Better still, prevent them altogether? Our absenteeism experts reveal your bottlenecks and the solutions.