Vitality management

Creating sustainable employability within an organisation is a continual process. One that must be rooted deep in the DNA of the organisation and receive the constant attention that it deserves. In many organisations, that's where it goes wrong. Attention diminishes, and with it the enthusiasm to make it work.
We do it differently.

Each project at Habilis Wellbeing at Work starts with a conversation at the board table. Together, we discuss where the focus must be and how we can introduce and incorporate vitality as a strategic topic for sustainable employability throughout the organisation. Once the programme is up and running, we stick around to monitor progress, measure results and adjust where necessary. In doing so, vitality and sustainable employability become essential components of both organisation policy and culture.

Vital leadership

In addition to vitality management, we help directors and senior managers tackle the general themes of sustainable employability, vitality and wellbeing at work. This approach creates a support base at the highest level in the organisation, which enables the programme to be rolled out effectively to all levels below. We can also train managers at other levels in the organisation so they can guide their team members on issues of vitality and employability.