Who we are

Habilis Wellbeing at Work was set up to create vital organisations. To get the best out of everything and everyone. To create environments where everyone can feel good about working until it's time to retire. And to find, during this 'war for talent', people that will remain loyal to your organisation. Above all, we believe that it can always be better, and we won't settle for anything less. Only with that mindset do you achieve the best, lasting results.

Habilis Wellbeing at Work is a part of Habilis.

Portretfoto van Maaike Thijssen Maaike
"Sustainable employability is a matter of good HR management; you make the difference by paying attention to vitality."

Maaike is the driving force behind Habilis Wellbeing at work. This passionate HR professional previously worked as a vitality manager for big names such as ASML, Friesland Campina, Philips and SABIC. And thus has more than twenty years of experience in improving the performance of employees. In fact, she was one of the founders of the concept 'Vitality as a strategic instrument for sustainable employability’. In 2014, she was elected 'Vitality Manager of the Year' for this purpose.

Her personal ambition? To make the Netherlands vital. This goes beyond eating lettuce and going to the gym, but has to do with the mental, physical and emotional fitness of employees. With meaning, enthusiasm and pleasure at work. For Maaike, 'People are our most important asset' is not an empty slogan, but a prerequisite for success. And together with a broad network of specialists, she passionately binds herself into organizations, in order to embed it permanently in them.

Portretfoto van Claudia Somers Claudia
"Sustainable employability is the reward for a healthy and integrated HR policy"

Claudia has been working as an independent HR consultant since 2007 and is a true HR professional. She has experience in various industries such as: retail, education, healthcare and financial services. Because she easily makes contact with people, she quickly finds a connection with an organization. Unravelling complex situations and making them manageable is her strength. This also applies to working together with others and making them stronger. In doing so, Claudia never loses sight of her goals. In her role as project leader and change manager these are valuable competencies.

Her ambition is to add satisfaction and happiness to people and organizations. Her personal job satisfaction consists of professionalizing an integrated vitality and employability policy. This starts with measuring what possible health risks are in an organization. Then Claudia knows how to use the right interventions curatively and preventively. Think, for example, of a combination of absenteeism policy, occupational health and safety policy and policy aimed at stimulating healthy behavior both during and outside working hours.

Portretfoto van Monique van Limpt Monique
"Vital people take care of vital organisations, and vital organisations take care of vital people."

As a psychologist and labour & organisation expert for 30 years, Monique focuses on strengthening individuals, teams and organisations in government and education. She runs change, leadership and team programmes, and she coaches individual employees. She has a great deal of experience with projects centred on absenteeism and vitality. She also carries out research and gives advice on working conditions, especially on workload, work stress and (un)desirable interaction.

It’s her personal ambition to motivate people and encourage them to develop. Of course, that doesn't always happen without a struggle. After all, to evolve means saying goodbye to the familiar and setting off on a new adventure (though you should pack all the useful things from the past to take with you). For this reason, Monique bases each development project on what a person already knows and what a person can already do. This, she believes, provides the conditions for success.

Logo of TNO

Partner of TNO

Driven by a strong collaboration

As a partner of TNO Innovation for Life, we use the scientifically-based models and validated instruments (various scans and questionnaires) that TNO has developed around the framework of sustainable employability. We place these digitally into our customers’ software, which allows us to compare data from the organisation or sector against a benchmark. We also apply existing ideas, instruments and initiatives that are already present in the organisation and/or sector.

Logo of NPDI

Partner of NPDI

Sharing knowledge and experience successfully

The National Platform for Sustainable Employability (NPDI) is the innovative and independent knowledge network and sounding board for organisations. It links successfully science with practice. It also helps organisations and employees turn sustainable employability into practical achievements. Our partnership with NPDI allows us to access the platform's up-to-date knowledge and use their proven instruments on the shop floor, which results in sustainable employability solutions for our clients.